We offer a stand-alone mobile and general use laboratory that is also suited for biological safety level 2 (S2) work. The laboratory is based on a standard 20 ft container and is self supporting i.e. all necessary equipment is on board and available to allow laboratory work at any place of choice. Having its own (detachable) wheels the laboratory, may by law, be positioned at any convenient place. The laboratory has been approved by the Bavarian government, government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the government of Finland (University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland).
Lab Specifications:

• based on a standard 20 ft container allowing normal road transport.
• is mobile and can be moved instantaneously to any place required.
• fulfils F30 fire resistance requirements.
• has a restricted laboratory entrance (required by law). • ventilated storage room for reagents and gasses (e.g. cell culture CO2).
• 12-fold air-volume exchange rate of the main laboratory.
• contains a heating and air-conditioning unit.
• rodent penetration protection.
• own electrical secured system with emergency circuit disrupters.
• ample electrical connections for additional instruments.
Lab equipment (optional):

• safety hood with S2 specifications.
• autoclave for stand-alone S2 work, automated (required by law).
• cell culture incubator with automated decontamination program.
• permanently installed safety equipment (emergency exit, emergency shower and eye shower).
• permanently installed S2 personal protection requirements.

The depicted laboratory was designed by the Technical University Munich, Germany and has been approved by several local German and other European authorities.
Functional test for extended periods of time have been carried out on several occasions.
Adaptations to personal user requirements are possible!

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